Mission, Approach, & Commitment

Mission & Purpose

To collaborate with my clients in order to develop, organize, manage, and monitor a strategy that helps improve their financial affairs.

It is my desire to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships based on trust, integrity, and personalized service with a mission to provide objective guidance, appropriate investments, and strategic planning in order to educate my clients and protect and grow their assets.



As an Advice for Life Advisor (AFL), Amber uses a systematic approach to working with clients.

Throughout each of these modules Amber works with closely her clients and directly with their CPA's and attorneys in order to help facilitate a comprehensive personalized investment plan.




While all clients are unique, they all have one thing in common – they want objective investment advice from an experienced professional.

They look to Scarborough Financial to help them identify, develop, and pursue their financial goals. Amber's view of wealth management reflects an ongoing process and a lifelong relationship that signifies genuine commitment to help you work towards your goals, stay abreast of changes in your life, and provide you with comprehensive analysis, information, advice, and recommendations.